Our Studio

We are a young and dynamic design studio specialized in furniture, transport, and product design. We are recognized for our work both national and internationally. We offer design services and product strategies based on the needs and technological infrastructure of our clients. We have extensive experience in the application of mass production technology, what enable us to optimize the performance of each project. Our compact and flexible structure allows us to reduce costs of investment in design and development, making us to personally respond efficiently in all stages of the process. Industries, small and medium sized, trust in our work. Supported by the successful insertion (local and international markets), of several products we have designed. We design and produce furniture and equipment under specific demand.


Contribute with our professional work to the global industry development.


We understand our work as a process where the concept design, the detailed design, and technical development of products, represent stages of implementation within the framework of a strategic product design, and this is the result of the relationship between designer and company. We conceive the design as a result of an open and honest communication between user, company, and designer. We commit ourselves to the community to develop our work with integrity, respecting people and the environment. We believe in teamwork, encouraging, assessing, and giving credit for the work of each participant.